ML7E Media Library Management System

Auto Cataloging by ISBN ISSN

Small Library Automation Software

POTA Media Library Management system (ML7E) is a complete library automation software, aiming for small scale library management. You can easily build up your own library information database with the help of ISBN auto-cataloging, and import items (collections, books, DVDs, CDs) records, members records from Excel. All the loan/return records, reports, statistics are able to export to Excel format. (more information and trial download)



Customer Relationship Management System

customer information on one screen

POTA Customer Relationship Management System (CR7E) is a powerful software, concise and informative. You can view/add/edit/ the customer's detailed information in one screen, including the customer's name, address, photo, contact event records, and attached files. (more information and trial download)

System Requirements
Windows XP or later, 512Mb of RAM, 25Mb hard drive space for up to 15,000 customer records, color monitor with 1024x768 or higher resolution, mouse, keyboard. Recommended: CD or DVD writer, or USB drive for backups.